8 Primary Features That Impact The Cost Of The Lace Front Wigs


The lace front wigs are one of the best wigs available in the market. They are available in different textures and types. Some such as the 13*6 lace front wig ensures that you have unlimited styling options. The critical point to note while buying the lace front wigs is that they are available at different prices. Different factors affect the price of the wigs. Below are some of the primary features that impact the cost of the lace front wigs.

Essential factors that affect the cost of lace front wigs

1. Hair length of lace front wigs

Lace front wigs have different hair lengths. The lengths range from short to extra long. Therefore, the shorter a wig is, the lower the price. Short wig hair length takes less time to grow and make than long hair wigs. Thus, long hair-length wigs are present at higher prices.

2. Hair material

Generally, there are two main types of hair material. They include; human hair and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is machine processed, while a human hair is gotten from natural human hair. Therefore, synthetic hair is cheaper than a human hair.

Additionally, the human hair is usually 100%. But, there are some which are machine processed. Therefore, 100% virgin human hair is more expensive.

3. Cap construction

Generally, the lace front wigs cap construction ensures that the wig is cheaper than the full lace wigs. Therefore, if you wish to get an affordable wig, ensure to go for the lace front wigs.

4. Customization of the lace front wigs

Some people may require customization of their lace front wigs in terms of wig color. The customization ensures that your wig is given extra attention compared to others. The extra attention given ensures that you will get the wig higher than the original price.

5. Discount rate

Some suppliers offer discount rates for their wigs. Generally, discount rates help to reduce the lace front wigs cost. The higher the discount rate, the cheaper you will buy your wig. Therefore, if you wish to get the best price possible for your wig, ensure to survey several sites and compare the different discount rates present.

6. Hair density of lace front wigs

The hair density present in the lace front wigs also plays an essential role in the pricing. Hair density refers to the volume or fullness of your wig. The denser your wig is, the higher priced it will be. The opposite is true; the less dense a wig is, the cheaper it will be.

7. Shipping costs

Shipping costs also add to the lace front wigs costs. Different suppliers have different shipping policies. The shipping amount present will add to the overall price of your wig. Some suppliers offer shipping discounts based on goods bought for a certain amount. Therefore, ensure to confirm the shipping costs before making payment.

8. Quality

Different wigs have different qualities. Furthermore, some are hand-knotted while others are machine processed. The higher-quality lace front wigs are priced higher than the low-quality ones.


The different lace front wigs’ prices may confuse you on the best type of wig to purchase. Therefore, it is essential to know the different factors that affect the wig’s price. The above are some of the primary factors affecting the price of lace front wigs.


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