Advantages of Buying a 2 in 1 Lightning Cable


It’s no secret that mobile devices have become some of our most essential personal gadgets as they hold most of our information used every day. Out of all these devices, Apple phones are the most popular, with millions sold annually. This means that most people will buy a new lightning cable at some point. However, a new kind of lightning cable has become popular, and people are now flocking Ugreen website to learn more about it. It’s known as the 2 In 1 lightning cable. Ready to have this cable? Let us help you know its benefits.

Advantages of the 2 in 1 lightning cable

If you’re part of a group that has never heard of such a cable, don’t worry. It’s simply a lightning cable with both lightning and a USB connector. Needless to say that such a cable possesses several advantages over the conventional lightning cable. Keep reading to find out the benefits of the 2 in 1 lightning cable.


Many people have more than one device that needs charging but doesn’t have a lightning port. This means they need to carry two or more charging cables besides the regular charger. However, with the 2 in 1 lightning cable, you don’t have to carry those extra USB cables. More so, you can use both the lightning and the USB ports of the cable simultaneously, adding to the convenience. Don’t ignore this cable if you want to save time and avoid carrying a lot of cables.

Improved speeds

The regular lightning cable can manage speeds of up to 35 Mbps meaning that they transfer data slowly by today’s standards. However, with the 2 in 1 lightning cable, data transfer reaches speeds of 480 Mbps which is several times faster than your regular lightning cable. With speeds like this, data transfer and synchronization are faster than you’d get with most lightning cables.

Better build

One of the biggest disadvantages of the regular lighting cable is that their exterior is prone to wear and tear after a short time. These cables are not friendly to much bending and might stop working. Nevertheless, a 2 in 1 lightning cable will not get damaged easily due to its high-quality build. They come with an aluminum connector wrapped in a PVC cable exterior, for starters. This material is tough enough to withstand countless hours of stress and bending, with over 4000 hours of bending tests.

Universal compatibility

With a regular lightning cable, you can only use it with an iPhone. However, with the 2 in 1 lightning cable, you can use it with many mobile devices with varying operating systems. Additionally, the UAB part of the cable is compatible with other electronic devices such as headphones, wireless chargers and cameras.


With a 2 in 1 lightning cable, you gain access to several advantages that the conventional lightning cable doesn’t have. With such a cable, you’re guaranteed high-quality service for a long time. Please visit Ugreen website to select your 2 in1 lightning cable or other products you will find appropriate for your Apple phone.


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