Chocolate-Making Machine: What it does and its Capacity?


The entire Chocolate Creation Line, chocolate making machine incorporates cocoa spread liquefying machine, cocoa powder crushing machine, conching and refining machine, storage and warming machine, tempering machine, chocolate chip saving machine, chocolate pressing machine, etc.

Chocolate making Machine Line:

Chocolate Conching Machine:

This machine is the principal gear in the chocolate creation line, basically utilized for finely crushing chocolate slurry. PLC programmed control to clean, lessen power utilization, and have great execution.

Chocolate Treating Machine:

This hardware is an expert item exceptionally planned by the qualities of normal cocoa margarine and cocoa spread-like treating oil. After setting the temperature, the chocolate slurry has a decent glasslike state in the wake of framing, has a smooth mouth feel, is especially brilliant, and has great capacity execution.

Chocolate Trim Keeping Machine:

This machine is a unique high-level gear for chocolate pouring embellishment, which coordinates machine and electric control. The presentation process incorporates programmed working methodology, for example, pouring, vibrating, cooling, remolding, conveying, and drying.

Chocolate Pressing Machine:

This type is reasonable for round, circular, oval, tube-shaped, rectangular, square, and different types of chocolate. As indicated by your bundling style, it is suggested the right bundling machine.

Chocolate creation line:

The chocolate deposited shaping machine is for chocolate store framing. The interaction is programmed, including storing, shaping, vibrating, cooling, reshaping, conveying, and plate warming. You can pick one head self-loader, one head, two heads, or three heads shaping line for various items. The line is reasonable for unadulterated chocolate, focus-filled chocolate, two tones chocolate, four varieties of chocolate, golden or agate chocolate, and so on.

The principal hardware of the Chocolate creation line:

1) Chocolate conche purifier → limit from 40L to 3000L

2) Chocolate ball plant → persistent grinding between steel balls. Limit 250kg/h

3) Chocolate capacity tank → limit from 100 L to 5000 L

4) Automatic and self-loader chocolate-keeping machine → with one investor head, two contributor heads, and three investor heads. Can make unadulterated chocolate, focus filling chocolate, compound chocolate, nuts blended chocolate, twofold variety chocolate

5) Cooling passage → cooling chocolate and another candy parlor

6) Sugar crushing machine → limit 250kg/h

7) Chocolate fat liquefying tank → limit from 100L to 5000L

8) Chocolate treating machine → persistent treating limits 250kg/h and 500kg/h.

9) Chocolate covering container → coat chocolate on nuts. Coat on chocolate

10) Chocolate covering machine → coat chocolate on confectionery(wafer, candy, cake…)

11) Chocolate chips saving machine → can make chocolate chips of various sizes and weight

12) Chocolate bean creation line → you can make chocolate beans with various shapes and sizes (ball, egg, heart, star, and triangle)

A couple of models include:

  • A chocolate machine to crush chocolate mass finely.
  • A chocolate ball factory machine finely processes chocolate mass and admixture to an expected fineness through contact and effect created between the steel balls and the chocolate material inside an upward chamber.
  • A fat softening tank is one of the principal machines utilized in the development of chocolate and is utilized to liquefy chocolate mass.
  • To meet the client’s unique needs, we may develop, enhance, and build chocolate machines specifically for them.


Chocolate siphon, pipe, elbow, tee, valve, and so forth → with a twofold warm water jacket and so on, chocolate machines are completely mechanized to create the specific application you want for your chocolate processing plant.


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