Cleaning Tips for Breast Pump


Giving milk to your young one is essential thing in developing a new baby’s health and nourishment. Pumping milk through a breast pump may harm a child if the equipment is not germ-free.

Any residual milk on the pump needs to clean. All parts of the pump, especially your hands, must be clean, for this must follow the guideline by the manufacturer to clean the breast pump.

The mother uses this pumping equipment instead of breastfeeding directly. It helps the child to feed if he/she is not healthy enough to suck the milk from the breast by themselves.

This article will give you information about cleaning the breast pump. If you become an expert in cleaning breast pumps, you can save your baby from getting sick.

Tips for Cleaning the Breast Pump Regularly

Here are some important tips to keep breast pump clean from germs. Hope these tips help you a lot. These tips are used for cleaning ordinary breast pumps.

1. Wash Your Hands

You need to clean pumping equipment daily to save your new family member from getting ill. For washing a breast pump, it is essential to clean everything that comes in touch with it. Hands are the priority. Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer before washing your breast pump. When a baby is dependent on you, your hygiene matters a lot.

2. Rinse Breast Pump Parts with Normal Water

After washing hands, separate different parts of the pump and wash them with water. Must observe every detail because if mold grows in the pump, it will be dangerous for the baby’s health. Scrub each one to ensure complete safety.

3. Use Hot Water & Soap

Use a washbasin or a container to put hot water in it. Boil water and then add it to a container or washbasin. Make sure to add water to the washbasin after 2-3 mint boiling. Put all pump parts in it. Scrub these parts one by one with your hand. You can even use a dishwasher to wash breast pumps. It is completely safe.

4. Clean All Parts With a Towel or a Cloth

After washing, clean the breast pump with a towel or a cloth. Make sure to put the breast pump in a direction that its mouth faces the earth’s surface. So all water vapors get evaporated.

5. Sanitize Breast Pump

Sanitizing the pump once a day is also good to keep it clean. Different cleaning methods are in demand. You can sanitize them in the microwave. You can also use sterilizing fluid or tables to clean the breast pump. An electric steam sterilizer is good for sanitizing the breast pump.

Wearable Breast Pump

These pumps are not directly washable. Mother can wear it while doing her household work. She just needs to press the pumping switch. That’s a rechargeable breast pump. You need to separate its different parts.

Keep the rechargeable battery aside and wash all the remaining parts with hot water or cold water solution. Mixing cold water with sterilizing tables is a very easy way of cleaning breast pump parts.


This article tells you some of the best tips to use. So that your child can stay healthy, for more knowledge, you can visit website to learn more about different types of breast pump types.


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