Everything You Need to Know About a Car Crusher


With billions of people riding cars across the globe, not many know that cars can be recycled; talk less of knowing what a mobile car crusher does. Car crushing is a vital step in recycling cars to be reused for other purposes. When you buy a car, you are not just purchasing an automobile that will move you around. Instead, you’re buying an asset that continues to have value even when you think you have used up all its worth. First, after a car depreciates in look, it also reduces in sale value. But the parts of the vehicle were never reduced. As long as there is a compatible vehicle using the same parts, the parts of the car can be sold.

Also, even after the parts like the side mirrors, windscreen, seats, tyres, and many others have been sold, you can still sell the material used to make the car itself. However, whether your care was made with metal or plastic, it must go through a crushing process. In most cases, the machine used to make your car have a flat shape is the car crusher. The traditional car crusher helps you crush your vehicle at a particular location. That means you have to drive the car to that location. With the mobile car crusher, however, you need not bother about moving your vehicle; the car crusher can come where you are. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what you can do with a mobile car crusher.

What is a mobile car crusher?

A mobile car crusher is a machine that has the primary purpose of pressing a car into a flat surface. Usually, it is the remains of the vehicle that gets pressed into the flat surface. For instance, after you have used a car, the valuable items first get sold. After that, the remaining part is not precisely valuable, but it can be recycled. Now transporting a car without a mirror and tires to a recycling plant may be a tall task. However, with the mobile car crusher, it presses the car into a flat surface that is easier to transport.

How does a mobile car crusher work?

Basically, a mobile car crusher works with a hydraulic piston. Of course, there are other versions of car crushers globally, but most car crushers have a hydraulic piston to press the cars properly. The piston gets its power source from a motor engine powered by diesel. When the engine starts, it supplies the piston with hydraulic fluid, causing the piston to hit the car with a pressure of about 2000 psi.

Different types of mobile car crushers

There are different types of mobile car crushers, each having its specific function. The most common type of car crusher is the standard crusher that works exactly as we have described. Another uncommon type of car crusher is the bale crusher. In this type of crusher, apart from the piston pressing the car in a flat shape, another set of pistons hits the car on the side to give a square shape. The last type of car crusher is the Hammer car crusher. This type of crusher breaks the car into smaller sizes.


After thinking of the type of car crusher you want to use, the next thing is to prepare your car for crushing. You have to remove the valuables away from the vehicle and start.


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