How Long Does A Roller Garage Door Last?


Roller garage doors are the most prevalent type used in commercial and residential garages. The concept of these doors started in 1921, and they are still as popular as years ago because of their simple yet effective design.

Today roller garage doors are available in different materials, from steel and aluminum to oak and wood. The opening and closing system also gets evolved from manual to pulley-based and now electrical/automatic. All these inventions are to put the user at ease.

So, let’s get started! But the question is, how long does a quality bestar or midwest garage door last? Below we will find out the possible lifespan of these doors and how you can prolong that.

How Long Does a Roller Garage Door Last?

The lifespan of a roller door depends on various factors;

  • Quality of door
  • Door material and polishing
  • Door Style
  • Door maintenance
  • Environmental conditions
  • How often the door used

All these factors can decrease or increase their life. However the average life expectancy of these doors is around 10 years, but they can last for about 15-20 years with proper care.

Rollers are the most common part of breaking down in these doors, and their life usually depends on how often you open the door and also on other factors mentioned above. With proper care, you can increase their lifespan.

Which Factors Reduce the Life Expectancy of Roller Doors?

The factors that might damage the quality of your door are;

  • Extreme weather conditions like often rain, heavy wind, etc.
  • Rusting can damage the door quality
  • The poor material door should need to replace quickly
  • Closing of the door with heavy force
  • Loose hardware
  • The resistance between joints due to poor lubrication

Which Material is Relatively Long-Lasting in Roller Garage Doors?

Steel is the most durable and highly recommended material in roller garage doors. This material is usually preferable to aluminum or wood because of its high strength and less susceptibility to corrosion.

How to Ensure That Roller Door Lasts as Long as Possible?

If you want your garage door to last longer, follow these tips;

  • Regularly inspect the roller door for scratches and dents
  • Keep the door in good condition by ensuring their exterior coating, paint, and external appearance
  • Check the springs and cables for breakage regularly
  • Check the rollers and bearings’ corrosion, looseness, lubrication
  • Keep door joints lubricated
  • Keep the door clean from dust and mud
  • Check the hinges and brackets

Another factor that people usually need to pay attention to in roller doors is their manual and automatic design. Although automatic doors are more convenient, they come with various limitations and considerations. These doors are more prone to damage or losing their feature, which will end up causing a huge problem.

On the other hand, manual doors have a very long life, and they require less care than automatic doors. So, if you live in an area where environmental and social conditions are not supportive enough for electric doors, manual doors should be your best bet.


Regardless of the given life span of a roller door, your care and conditions determine how long and well your door will remain. So, make sure to take good care of your door and follow our instructions.


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